Brennan Perry: The Journey Continues.

We cling to our tried and true, and you know we’re creatures of comfort and we find our patterns and stick to what we know best, but there’s a big wide beautiful world out there. For those who want it, it’s out there…”

During the Baja Haha I was able to create a large network of interesting friends in a short amount of time. Who knows what this may bring in the future? But for the time being since we’ve been in Cabo a lot of them have opened up their boat to me as a place to crash. It takes some getting used to but it has introduced me to such a different lifestyle, and just like all things, the more I do it the easier it gets.

I make it a point to talk to every local I come across, whether it be a business man, taxi drivers, fisherman, musicians or a bartender. They teach me things I can’t find in a guidebook and in return I explain to them the American perception.

In the end, we both walk away from the experience learning something new, and we also add a small drop into the bucket of eliminating the misconceptions and stereotypes between our cultures.

I stayed in Cabo longer than I planned to because I was waiting on a package. I have a buddy that started a clothing line called Latitude Supply Co. and we agreed that I’d be an ambassador for them while I travel.

After waiting 4 days for the overnight package to arrive, I finally got it, but I had a boat headed for Mazatlan that was waiting for me and I was almost 2 hours late. Luckily the Captain was cool about it and he accepted some Tecate beer as my apology.

Only in Mexico…

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