Most of my friends and family told me I was crazy when I decided to sell everything I own, move to Costa Rica, and start a photography business from scratch.  I told them they were right but I’m doing it anyway.  When people would ask, “Why?” I used my favorite quote from ‘Forrest Gump’ and told them, “You either get busy living or get busy dying.”  It seems corny but it is very true.  I refuse to get caught in the “revolving door” of life and find myself in old age with regrets of never pushing it to the edge.  In our world today, we are urged to remain within certain norms, follow certain rules, and live our lives like everyone around us.  Life is hard as well as beautifully fulfilling, and most people believe only easy experiences of life bring satisfaction.  I believe retaining consciousness in good times and bad is what form us into the intricate and incredible beings we are.  I am on a search to create my own self-image through art, sport, fashion, literature, entertainment and the amazing people I encounter everyday.

I live in a small but developing surf town called Tamarindo, located on the Gaunacaste Peninsula of the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Tamarindo is known for some of the best surf in Central America and attracts surfers from around the world all year long.  I moved here from San Diego, CA so I am used to paddling into a lineup of talented and aggressive surfers.  When the sun is shining and the surf is up, Tamarindo is pure paradise.  Please join the Latitude Supply Co. team and I to push life to the limits, NEVER DROP ANCHOR, ALWAYS KEEP EXPLORING.

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